Jovana Jovanović The Coca-Cola Company
From the moment you arrive in this company, you are encouraged to gain first-hand experience in all relevant aspects of the Coca-Cola system. Coke Summership encourages you to get out of your comfort zone, allowing you to grow both on a professional and personal level. Attentive and enthusiastic people really contribute to the positive atmosphere. During this period I have an amazing opportunity to be part of the marketing department of The Coca-Cola Company.  This way, I was given a chance to be involved in most of the activities considering brand strategies and marketing campaigns, different reports, while getting to know core characteristics of all Coca-Cola’s brands. We learn how to look at business problems from the other aspect and to find different approaches for solving problems, especially when you have a short deadline. And one of the best things about this program is definitely meeting many new people, both employees and interns. This will be an amazing experience for sure!
Ivan Komlenović
The Coca-Cola Company
Nikada neću zaboraviti moj prvi ulazak u zgradu Coca-Cola Hellenic.
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Anja Djurić
Sektor za odnose sa javnošću
I am proud to be a part of this magical Coke Summership story where curiosity, ambition, excitement, friendship and innovation blend together… From the very beginning, we all found ourselves caught ...
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Miloš Radaković
Na #CokeSummership praksi bio sam deo sjajne ekipe mladih ljudi i imao sam priliku da na celovit način upoznam poslovanje kompanije.
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