Tamara Karadžić Prodaja na terenu, region južne Srbije
When I first applied for the Coke Summership, I wasn’t really sure I will get accepted, but here I am now, working in Sales, with my mentor who is a Market developer for fragmented trade in Coca-Cola Hellenic in Niš. I had no previous working experience, and although this is my first one, it’s more than great. You get an insight into how real business environment looks like, how to complete your tasks in a timely manner and be responsible. In Sales, you will get familiar with the market, but also with the people. You will learn how to negotiate with costumers, deal with orders and achieve a win-win relationship with your customers. Also, you will learn how to handle promotions, the positioning of products or in other words – how to set merchandising standards. Last but not least, I have learned how to work in a big team and be a part of a large system. Sales are very dynamic, and for sure one of the most interesting departments in Coca-Cola Hellenic company. This internship will definitely be an unforgettable experience and I am sure that this will be a great journey…
Nikola Jekić
Coke Summership definitivno nije obična praksa.
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Jelena Rendulić
Nakon #CokeSummership programa ostalo je pregršt uspomena i korisnih iskustava. Imala sam priliku da vidim kako jedan veliki sistem funkcioniše.
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Muhamet Shehu
Prodaja na terenu, region Kosovo
I am working in Kosovo and I have been a part of the Coca-Cola family for 2 years now. One of the things which impress me the most is the extremely high-level of technological support.
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