Muhamet Shehu Prodaja na terenu, region Kosovo
I am working in Kosovo and I have been a part of the Coca-Cola family for 2 years now. One of the things which impress me the most is the extremely high-level of technological support. Also, the more I learn about the methods and strategies of the company, the more inspired I get to achieve all of my goals. The atmosphere in here is very friendly. The sessions that we have with the lecturer-training staff contribute a lot to both our personal and professional development. Lectures are very practical, constructive and give space for creativity.  The company's professional staff is ready to help us and explain whatever is unclear to us. Methods of explanation are various and there is a lot of supporting material and activities which help us understand better whatever needs to be understood. What I find really helpful, in understanding the whole process, are the visits to the production lines and distribution lines. Professional trainings in this company are held continuously through-out the year, and each training is equally important and related to the previous one. I am convinced that Coca-Cola’s success is based on hard work, knowledge and dedicated practice. 
Marija Jovanović
Tokom šest nedelja na Coke Summership programu bila sam deo Marketing tima i to je bilo odlično iskustvo gde sam se po prvi put susrela sa pravim biznis projektom.
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Jovana Vujnić
Prodaja na terenu, region severne Srbije
From the very beginning of the Coke Summership, I was impressed with everything, but
primarily with the people I have encountered.
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Teodora Poledica
Prodaja, tim za ključne kupce
Biti deo programa Coke Summership je velika čast i još veće zadovoljstvo.
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