Elena Nikaj Prodaja na terenu, region Kosovo
My experience in Coke Summership, during these past three weeks, was very exciting.  I’m from Kosovo, and I’m doing my internship in Prishtina. The colleagues were very welcoming, and the atmosphere is filled with happiness. I felt like I knew the working place already. The first two weeks I had my internship in the Finance Department, where I learned a lot of things about billing and accounting. Then I switched to Sales Department, where I’ve been in the field with my colleague Denis, who was in Coke Summership 2014, and I’ve learned a lot about selling the Coca-Cola products to a costumer. Of course during this time I’ve found out how other departments work as well.  But except all the work, there were times where I had lots of fun, especially on Fridays, when we go to the CC Learning Centre in Belgrade with other colleagues from Coke Summership. We listen to the lectures, work in groups, get to know each other and start new friendships. Both lectures and the trainings are very effective and a way to improve ourselves and be more professional in our future job. My message to anyone who has the chance to get into the Coke Summership program- use this opportunity, learn a lot, enjoy and have fun!
Marija Jovanović
Tokom šest nedelja na Coke Summership programu bila sam deo Marketing tima i to je bilo odlično iskustvo gde sam se po prvi put susrela sa pravim biznis projektom.
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Jovana Vujnić
Prodaja na terenu, region severne Srbije
From the very beginning of the Coke Summership, I was impressed with everything, but
primarily with the people I have encountered.
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Gianna Penlidi
Marketing, tim za aktivaciju đuseva
The past three weeks have been an amazing experience for me and I am sure that those that are coming will be even better.
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