Anja Djurić Sektor za odnose sa javnošću
I am proud to be a part of this magical Coke Summership story where curiosity, ambition, excitement, friendship and innovation blend together… From the very beginning, we all found ourselves caught up in a knowledge-seeking atmosphere where each one of us has a different background, different aspirations and interests, but what we all have in common is an enormous desire to learn and progress. And we couldn’t find a better place to do that than Coca-Cola Hellenic. I am an intern in the Public Affairs and Communication department and it has been an incredible experience so far. I have two mentors who are really dedicated to me, more than helpful and are always giving me really interesting projects to work on. Apart from the work that I am doing from Monday till Thursday, I am really enjoying the lectures and trainings that we have every Friday in the Learning Centre, here in CCH. That is the day when we all gather, from different sectors and exchange experiences. Also, these fun and educational Fridays are what all of us like, because we have a chance to hear professionals (both employees of the company and external experts) and participate in various workshops. To sum up, I would say that this is definitely a life changing experience no one should miss!
Stefan Živković
Pre svega, Coke Summership mi je pomogao da pronađem sebe i otkrijem svoja interesovanja. Stekao sam mnogo novih prijatelja, osetio sve napore prodaje u svim kanalima, unapredio svoje veštine pregovaranja
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Gianna Penlidi
Marketing, tim za aktivaciju đuseva
The past three weeks have been an amazing experience for me and I am sure that those that are coming will be even better.
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Tamara Karadžić
Prodaja na terenu, region južne Srbije
When I first applied for the Coke Summership, I wasn’t really sure I will get accepted, but here I am now, working in Sales, with my mentor who is a Market developer for fragmented trade in Coca-Cola Hellenic in Niš.
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