Jekaterina Solovjova Ljudski resursi, tim za privlačenje i regrutacija talenata
Internship in Human Resources is an unforgettable experience. We work a lot and we laugh a lot. I have an opportunity to work on projects, which were described by one paragraph in my textbooks. So each day is a new challenge. In order to get the job done I’m communicating with different sectors, which is quite challenging, but at the same time a rewarding experience regarding cross functional collaboration. Also, the connection with other Coke Summership interns made me more aware of different perspectives of the same issue and how one problem can be solved in multiple ways. Each day is a development day. I’m getting insights in my strengths and flows. Successes and failures help me define myself in a professional sense. And while experiencing different areas of HR I get a better understanding of my abilities, interests and future career plans. Coke Summership is a stunning experience. It has influenced me and my career so much that I’ll remember this experience for the rest of my life.
Nikola Jekić
Coke Summership definitivno nije obična praksa.
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Muhamet Shehu
Prodaja na terenu, region Kosovo
I am working in Kosovo and I have been a part of the Coca-Cola family for 2 years now. One of the things which impress me the most is the extremely high-level of technological support.
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Jovana Jovanović
The Coca-Cola Company
From the moment you arrive in this company, you are encouraged to gain first-hand experience in all
relevant aspects of the Coca-Cola system.
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