Miloš Ilić Finansije, tim za finansijsku podršku komercijalnom sektoru
My experience in Coca-Cola so far has been amazing. The atmosphere and the positive energy in this company is just breathtaking. You can learn so much in here, you just need to have an inspiration, and the right guidance from your mentor. This is an amazing opportunity to experience how real business world functions. My department is called Commercial Support to Sales and Marketing, and I’ve been given a project on which I will be working in the following weeks. So far I’ve learnt a lot, been in other different sectors and got to know lots of different people who are working here in the company. I think this experience will help me a lot in my career, because of the multinational character of the CCH. Also, hanging out with the other participants of this Summership program is very fun- we get to know each other very well, and the atmosphere that we have when we’re all together on Fridays is super fun. We talk, we joke, we exchange our experiences and do lot of other stuff apart from the “work”. In my opinion, if you have a chance to enter this amazing Summership program, you should definitely grab it, give your maximum, learn a lot and of course enjoy!
Gianna Penlidi
Marketing, tim za aktivaciju đuseva
The past three weeks have been an amazing experience for me and I am sure that those that are coming will be even better.
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Muhamet Shehu
Prodaja na terenu, region Kosovo
I am working in Kosovo and I have been a part of the Coca-Cola family for 2 years now. One of the things which impress me the most is the extremely high-level of technological support.
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Miloš Radaković
Na #CokeSummership praksi bio sam deo sjajne ekipe mladih ljudi i imao sam priliku da na celovit način upoznam poslovanje kompanije.
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